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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. . this is kpix 5 news. a day of fun for three young boys turns tragic. the desperate rescue attempt failed after one of them falls into a canal. good evening. tonight a tragic end to the search for a missing boy who fell into a water canal in antioch. kpix 5 dawn knapp tells us investigator haves recovered the child's body.
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don. >> that's right, ann. look at the smooth-froing water in the contra cost water district canal. anyone slipg into the water who is not a strong swimmer has little chansz of getting out alive. late today search crews removed the body of a 13-year-old boy. >> water moves swiftly through the contra cost water district canal. it's not a safe place for anyone, certainly not for the three boys who found their way through the fence one boy's slipper fell into the water. a second boy ten years old tried to jump into the water to get him out of the water, was unable to get him and barely got himself out. at that time he screamed to my boy. my boy ran home to get sglus the boys were supposed to be playing near the house, but the attraction of water on a warm afternoon proved irresistible. the smooth surface gave little indication of the water's swift flow through a dangerous route. >> it's mostly open like you see it here, but there are places
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where it will go under roadways and through short tunnels and that kind of thing. >> emergency workers were watching and search ago two-mile stretch of canal downstream from the point the boy entered the water and wild west road. divers were on hand. >> contra costa water has turned off the canal. the water is draining slowly. you can see the water level is dekreegs. >> the with a water level lowered, crews were able to probe the bottom. >> search crews located the body of the child. unfortunately the child was deceased. they removed him from the water, and we await the arrival of the coroner's district office. >> the holes had been cut by police and firefighters to get into the water. earlier it was said the boys got in to the water through a hole in the fence. >> my heart goes out to the family because this is supposed spob a fun weekend for everybody. this is tragedy. no one deserves this. never. >> it's a very sad story that also serves as a warning for all of us of the dangers for anyone
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especially young sters around fast-moving water. a sej for an emeryville man came up empty. today 200 volunteers combed ocean beach and nearby golden gate park looking for 27-year-old beau rasmussen. friends last saw him along great highway. his belongings were found on ocean beach hours later. >> it's the last area he was sheen and then the areas around that, also the beta breakers route. he had friends that lived up toward it is beginning of the route, and we think that, you know, he may have end up walking back towards their place and something happened there. >> some of today's volunteers came from as far as oregon and washington. earlier this week, rasmussen's colleagues at edf renewable energy in san ramon closed up shop for the day so employees could search for him. well, beer, hot dogs and garlic fries, staples at at&t
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park that were a little bit more difficult to get at today's game. hundreds of giants' concession workers won't on strike. kpex 5 dan shows us why they were asking fans to give up their favorite snacks. >> today's pre-game excitement at at&t park featured 700 concession workers staging a one-day strike. >> the lack of respect has been just unbelievable. >> workers from unite here local 2 have been working without a contract or a raise for more than three years. >> their sales and their food, their beer, all thoo go up except for our wage increase. >> those workers make an average of $11,000 a year for part-time work. they say their financial insecurity is doubled by a lack of job security. >> why is it a problem? because they can do what they want to do. i mean, we don't have a contract. they can say you got to do this, you got to do that. >> we value our employees. they are the best paid in the business. >> they make between 15 and $20
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an hour. >> we love them and got even more money on the table for them. woe just need local 2 to come back and negotiate. >> while there were plenty of strike support, some of their pleas. >> don't buy no food, don't buy no beer. >> fell on deaf eers. >> we just ignored them, walked in, and we're going to eat any waist. >> what do they want that they don't already have? a job. >> we hope they understand we're making garlic fries and turning out beers as quickly as we can. >> as the giants' organization tried to stay out of it. >> we're not choosing sides. we want both sides to come together and resolve this. >> san francisco mayor ed lee even offered to work as mediator between the parties but so far no new talks are scheduled. >> and workers from unite here local 2 plan to return to the job in time for tomorrow's game against the rockies at 1:05. today thousands of scouts
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took part in an annual tradition at golden gate national cemetery to honor our fallen soldiers. more than 2500 girl scouts, boy scouts and cub scouts fanned adaughters or sons san bruno cemetery to replace flags at each of the 138 thousand graves. the groups have been dog this every memorial day weekend for more than 50 years. >> we have a very free country, and we know -- and this is just a really great honor just to do all this. >> golden gate national cemetery is one of the largest veterans cemeteries in the country. president obama says the nation must do more to remember its fallen heroes on me may recall day. in his weekly radio address the president said the u.s. make make sure all veterans get the care and benefits they have earned. >> they are heroes, each and every one. they gave america the most precious thing they have, the
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last full measure of devotion, and because they did, we are who we are sdmrod in today's republican address senator james of oklahoma thanked the nation for its prayers and support following monday's deadly tornado. and tomorrow president obama visits moore, oklahoma where two more funerals took place today. that community is slowly regaining a sense of normalcy after being devastated by the tornado. cbs reporter on why postponing today's high school graduation was not an option. >> graduation day in moore, oklahoma gave 18-year-old sawyer tumlinson a rare opportunity to celebrate. >> what did the tornado take away from you. >> it took my dad's house completely. it's fwon. >> monday's tornado ripped it apart leaving only a mountain of memories. sawyer's father and stepmother say the graduation is what kept them going. >> we finally made ourselves go shopping for clothes because we didn't have no clothes for her
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garage way, but we got clothes and we're here today. >> sawyer is one of 1500 students garage weight from the town of moore. held back-to-back ceremonies. sawyer say it is milestone was as much for her naur as for her. >> i know he's proud of me so it's a very exciting day for both of us. >> postponing the graduation wasn't an option. leaders with the moore public school district wanted to hold the ceremonies as scheduled to give students a sense of normalcy. >> in the days before graduation, sawyer spent much of her time with her father at their destroyed home trying to salvage what they could. >> all day long, she was there finding her stuff, finding my stuff. >> could you have gotten through it without her. >> no. no. educational backgroundn't have. i couldn't have. she found so many pictures and just, you know, things that you can't replace. >> sawyer says she could have never made it across that stage
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if it wasn't for her father. >> i do love you. >> cbs news, moore, oklahoma. >> and this is amazing. those graduates who have lived in moore their entire lives have sur vooied seven tornados that took direct hits on their hometown. video released today capture it had frightening moment when a bridge collapsed in washington state. what it's going to take to get it ready for drivers again. brain surgery while you are completely awake. the procedure to cure a condition suffered by a hollywood actor is making history. called a supermoon and some of us can see it tonight. we'll tell you why it's called that, plus we'll pinpoint when ushdz expect the rain showers as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,, medications?
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that's what the n-t-s-b says the first sign of trouble wa psed . a boom and then a shudder. that's what the ntsb says was the first sign of trouble when a bridge on interstate 5 collapsed into a refr in washington state. inspectors from around the country arrived in mount vernon today to figure out what happened. they're inspecting what's left of the bridge, interviewing the
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truck driver who hit it and examining bridge maintenance documentings. officials are also looking for a temporary pre-nably kated bridge to replace the 160-foot section that collapsed. take a look at this. this video released today shows the moment of the collapse. you can see the oversized semitruck pulling on to the bridge and then bouncing off the overhead beams. the deck immediately lurches tore ward and collapses. the video cuts off mid collapse. that's because the power lines supplying the camera ran across the bridge so when it collapsed, power to the camera ended. doctors at ucla recently performed a mind-blowing medical procedure to commemorate the center's 500th brain operation. cbs reporter amy johnson tells us about the deep brain stimulation on a patient who was awake during the whole thing. >> why would i kill melinda? she was one of our best players.
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>> brad carter has made quite a name for himgs in hollywood appearing in countless commercials and television shows including this shootout with actor gary on csi new york in last year's season finale. >> nypd freeze! . >> but this may now be his biggest starring role, playing guitar while undergoing a deep brain stimulation procedure at ronald reagan ucla medical center. the hospital provided this visited owe. >> hopefully this is going to help. >> carter spoke just before the surgery on thursday. the actor and musician suffered from benign essential tremors disorder that made his hands shake and his eyes twitch. medication didn't help. it started back in 2006. his only option was surgery. >> we put this electrode or pacemaker in a very specific part of the brain during the surgery and keep the patient awake during the surgery to make sure we got the right spot and that it's stopping the tremor. we're doing this to improve his
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quality of life, and we want to know during the surgery that our goals of the surgery are achieved. >> carter was the 500th person to undergo the teep brain stimulation procedure at ucla but the first to do it while playing the guitar. >> he said can i bring the guitar to the operating room and see if the stimulation makes it better so we did that. it was really unique. we haven't done that before. >> my music is really important to smoe i -- i'm hoping that this will allow me to do that to play guitar. i'm a finger picker and i want to record. i want to perform live geven. >> the procedure stopped carter's tremor. he'll receive a generator in about two weeks that will power the device that was implanted. at ucla, amy johnson, kpix 5. >> that's amazing. well, doctors say tlafs quote big improvement in carter's tremors immediately follow tg procedure. back here, and you've bven
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keeping an eye on san antonio's weather. what an awful day for those folks. >> it's been amazing. it's been rain after rain after rain and tonight officials are saying two people are dead due to flash flooding that has occurred in the san antonio area. we take you to soit texas now. we're up to 9 inches of rain has fallen in some parts that particular area the flash flooding. you know, really san antonio is one of the most prone spots in all of north america for this kind of flash flooding and the rain showers will continue again tonight. transition out west back at home taking a look at the supermoon over the city of san francisco. it -- nobody know what a supermoon is? it's actually a full moon and as far as proximity occurs, closest point to earth in one calendar month. it reelly happens four times a year. some people call it a supermoon, some people call it a rose moon or flower moon. we can see it in san francisco.
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however, it is overcast, the mountain view, also in oakland, san jose reporting mostly cloudy skries, 58 degrees and clear in santa rosa. today at the seashore to 75 degrees in santa rosa. it was 69 in livermore and typically this time of the year we should be right around 77 degrees tonight tumbling into the 40s and 50s, and we're noticing the development of extensive marine layer not only the coast side but already really roll intoog the bay and trying to march inland a good 45 mile ts. overcast tonight kooshlgs and breezy. the winds have been kicking up to 41 miles per hour at sfo. gray start tomorrow and also little bit of light drizzle but we're talking about bonn fied rain showers. future cast, there's your marine layer for tomorrow. scatters out except for the san mateo coast. then as we go through the day, mostly sunny skies. here it comes. it's an area of low pressure well to the north of the pay
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area, brings the rain the far reach of the north bay in the morning hours, hit and miss scattered showers throughout the day. for your holiday on monday, 30% chance of lingering showers, on tuesday, nothing substantial as far as accumulation is krndz. more of a nuisance for any of those out door activity plans for the holiday. this area of low pressure should fall apart at the seams. so just to put it in writing for you, tomorrow mostly sunny late dha, brisk and cool if you're heading out to the baseball game. giants playing host to the colorado rockies. it's game 3, the last game of this series. 55 degrees. bundle up. the winds will be blowing out of the west 10 to 20. okay. not a lot of changes as far as your numbers are concerned. 60s, 70s south bay. low 70s east bay. north bay no p numbers stack up to 72 frees. outside number will be 73. unseasonably cool, damp on memorial day. a chance of a lingering shower
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tuesday. we're not going to see our average high temps return to the bay area until about thursday. comfortable conditions by saturday. no need for the air conditioner. >> all right. thank you. all right. i just want to see the giants high lights one more time. >> one more time. >> real busy day, ladies. we're going to make people at home go, wow, did you see that? we got to see that again. wrap up this saturday in a nice little bow. baseball up top. giants what a moment, what a shot, what a show at third and king street today. ,,,,,,
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. august 31st, 1931, pill terry, the last jant with inside-the-park walk-off homer until today. about to show you what these folks meant. barry zito and the fellows hosting the rockies in trouble early. here you go. carlos gonzales a first inning two-run blast in the arcade. at one point the giants were down four to nothing. now, down 4-3. andre torres hit a game-tying double in the 7th and then here came the calls, folks. brandon bell called out at home. then in the 8th, marco skut row called out at third. both go ahead scoring threat. bruce had about enough of that. he got tossed. extra inning, romo hangs one up. a shot to the bleachers and the rockies are up by one. bottom of the tenth. one man on for angel. >> begone hits one high and deep
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to right. back. it is off the bottom of the wall, and it kicks away from everybody. begone is being waved in. here's the throw to the plate. it is not in time, that is the ball game. >> a walk off inside the park home run. bill terry would be proud. the giants win in extras, final of 6 to 5. little turmoil down souts. yours faithful booed matt kefrp tonight as he was removed. kemp upset, left the dug out. dodgerses would actually go onto win the game 5-3 over the cardinals. now, last night's hero chris young for the a's continued swings tg bat. astros actually led one nothing in the second. the a's put six on the board. young a houston native doubling in to take the lead, but they
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weren't done. fourth inning, josh donaldson. seven home runs for the year, and the next batter was brandon moss, and you know what happened next. boom! his seventh of the year. made you jump, didn't i? a's have yet to lose to the astros this season. they win it final of 11 to 5. ufc 160 from vegas. gray may nard upset in first-round knock out to t. j. grant, but the main event on the left, cane velasquez, salinas gets a chance and going to work on antonio silva. that's not even the best part. that's the impact on this blow coming up here. boom! that fight lasted all of a minute 21. velasquez retains his title out in vegas. we are coming back with spurs, grizzlies playoffs, huge
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they'd go to overtime... anr the 2nd straight game, san antonio pulls it out...tony parker...26 points, spurs outscore the grizz by 11 . this one going overtime, folks, for the second-straight game, san antonio pulls it out. tony parker 256 points. spurs out score the griz by 11 in ot. 102-93 your final tfrments sharks, boy, if they are boarding a plane from los angeles this time tomorrow, that's a good thing. it's a win game six or else. puck drops at hp pavilion at 5:00 p.m.. we got black hawks, red wings, these two teams. they don't like each other at all. chicago fights off elimination. his first goal of the series. 4-1 black hawks. they win it to force a game 6. bruins rangers friends? not toch. boston delivers knock out. gregory gamble jumps into loose park and that's the game winner. three one the final.
11:29 pm
it isle be the brui,s and penguins. 86,000 plus wembley champion final. soccer sandwich for this fellow. roman feller off his fight. tied at one in the 89th minute. >> yeah, what he said. robin with a game winner over doitman, final of two to one. earthquake social work in dallas, texas going at it down one nil in stoppage time. chris a chance -- no. rough going down 3, 6 and 5 for the year. they lose one nil. and join us tomorrow night at 11:35 for game day special guest kareem abdul-jabbar.
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it'll be oo big 7 foot 2 show right here on kpix 5. >> i saw your picture on facebook, and you two were standing. >> we had to stand, you know, back to back. >> i wanted to see that. >> actually, it would pt be back to back. my head would be head hit tg top of --. >> his kneecap. >> yeah. >> i'm teasing you. all right. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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